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Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is standard IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers) 802.11 (http://standards.ieee.org) which contain technical specification to allow Wireless LAN connection. Wireless LAN standard are :

  • IEEE 802.11a for Wireless LAN which operates at 5 GHz with 54 Mbps bandwidth.
  • IEEE 802.11b often called as Wi-Fi, operates at 2.4 Ghz, with 11 Mbps bandwidth.
  • IEEE 802.11g for Wireless LAN which operates at 2.4 GHz with 54Mbps bandwidth
  • IEEE 802.11i for Wireless LAN Enhanced Security
  • IEEE 802.11h for Wireless LAN spectrum and power control management
  • IEEE 802.11e for Wireless LAN QoS

Size of Coverage Area is highly determined by Wi-Fi Signal Strength, building and room architecture & Structure where Access Point is located, as Wi-Fi signal is not able to penetrate metal, water, and solid material. Wifi also uses GRADUAL DEGRADATION means further distance to Access Point, the transmission speed reduce with step of 11Mbps, 5,5 Mbps, 2 Mbps and at last 1 Mbps.

Continues development of peripheral which support Wi-Fi such as PDA Phone, Communicator Phone, Notebook has boost the need of Wi-Fi coverage in several Business Area such as Hotel, Convention Centre, etc. Traditional coverage distance from Access Pont is only cover radius of 25-100 meter.

The immediate and simple solution to provide a better coverage and to accommodate need of WIFI coverage, is by inject the WLAN Signal into the existing RF Network. This Solution offers a number of benefit :

  • Provide larger coverage area compare to traditional way.
  • Easy and fast solution as we can inject WIFI signal into existing In-Building Network.
  • Cheap as do not effect Site Rental Fee with no New WLAN Network Installation.
  • Add new Revenue through existing In-Building Coverage

Pacific Wave ready to support Wi-Fi Solution with following products :


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