New Products

Here are some of our new products :

Component for 400-500 Mhz : Component for DVB Technology :
2Way Power splitter DVB Amplifier 10 Watt
3Way Power Splitter DVB Amplifier 25 Watt
Power Coupler DVB Amplifier 50 Watt
  DVB Amplifier 100 Watt
Super WideBand Indoor Component DVB Amplifier 200 Watt
Indoor Antenna for 380-2170 Mhz  
Indoor Antenna for 380-6000 Mhz GPS Networking :
Indoor Antenna for 380-2700 Mhz GPS Booster 20dB Gain
Indoor Antenna for 806-6000 Mhz GPS Booster 25dB Gain
Indoor Antenna for 350-2700 Mhz GPS Booster 30dB Gain
Power Coupler 470-2500 Mhz GPS Booster 20dB Gain with Filter
2Way Power Splitter for 350-2500Mhz GPS Booster 40dB Gain with Filter
3Way Power Splitter for 350-2500Mhz Variable Gain GPS Booster
4Way Power Splitter for 350-2500Mhz Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Line
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