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Single band ANTENNA

Racal Antennas is part of the Chelton Group of companies who are recognized as world leaders in the design and manufacture of antenna systems for airborne, launcher, satellite, vehicular, transportable, wireless, microcell, subscriber and ground systems.

Racal Antennas is a dynamic, professional, and responsive organisation with a proven traditional antenna product portfolio which includes the new dynamic environment of third generation cellular base station antennas.

Racal Antennas Limited develops and manufactures base station antennas in GSM900, PCN1800, PCS1900 and UMTS bands. Antennas are designed and supplied as single panels and in most integrated multi-band configurations including tri-band and tri-sector. The company also supplies micro and pico cell antennas, including designs and associated base station components such as amplifiers, filters and in some cases, towers.

The sales organisation is based at Southampton with offices and representation in most countries with significant telecoms roll-out programmes. Racal Antennas supplies operators throughout the world including Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Three.

Racal Antennas operates in compliance with the internationally recognised standards for Quality and Environmental Management Systems, ISO9001 and ISO14001. In recognition of this approval certificates have been awarded by BSI

BAND Type Frequency HBW / VBW GAIN / Port Elect Tilt Size (mm) Weight
GSM 900 Mhz 1687 870-960Mhz 60deg / 8deg 17dBi / 2port Fix (0/4/10) 300x145x2330 16kg
1648 870-960Mhz 85deg / 8deg 16dBi / 2port Fix (4) 220x135x2330 12.5kg
1716 870-960Mhz 60deg / 7deg 17.5dBi / 2port Fix (0/4) 310x220x2330 17.5Kg
1662 870-960Mhz 85deg / 9deg 16dBi / 2port Fix (4) 253x145x2330 15.7kg
1669 870-960Mhz 90deg / 6.5deg 17 dBi / 2port Fix (6) 253x145x2800 20kg
1721 870-960Mhz 85deg / 9deg 16 dBi / 2port Fix (4) 253x145x2330 15.7kg
1756 870-960Mhz 3x90deg 3x15.8dBi / 3x2port Fix (2/4/6) D200x2810 18.5kg
GSM1800 Mhz 1866 1710-1880Mhz 65deg / 8deg 18dBi / 2port Fix (2/4/6) 164x45x1260 3.8Kg
1750 1710-1880Mhz 65deg / 7deg 17.5dBi / 2port Fix(2&6) 150x50x1350 5.6kg
100-0008 1710-1880Mhz 85deg / 5deg 17.5dBi / 2port Fix (2/5/8) 196x39x1951 8kg
1003 1710-1880Mhz 2x65deg / 5.8deg 2x17.5dBi / 4port Fix(2) 295x78x1700 15kg
1082 1710-1880Mhz 2x65deg / 5deg 2x18dBi / 4port Var (2 to 9) 290x133x1945 15kg
1087 1710-1880Mhz 2x85deg / 5deg 2x17dBi / 4port Var (2 to 9) 290x133x1945 15kg
1030 1710-1880Mhz 2x65deg / 5deg 2x18dBi / 4port Fix (2) D168x1,709 17kg
103-0009 1710-1880Mhz 3x65deg / 5deg 3x18dBi / 3x2port Fix (2) D168x1,709 18.5kg
UMTS 2100 Mhz 2212 1900-2170Mhz 65deg / 5.3deg 19dBi / 2port Fix (2/4/6/8) 143x57x1682 4.5kg
2229 1900-2170Mhz 65deg / 7deg 17dBi / 2port Var (0 to 10) 175x60x1335 6.5Kg
2243 1900-2170Mhz 2x65deg / 5deg 2x19dBi / 4port Fix(2) 275x95x1700 15kg
2290 1900-2170Mhz 3x65deg / 5deg 3x18.5dBi / 3x2port Fix (2/4/6/8) D168x1,709 18.5kg
2292 1900-2170Mhz 3x65deg / 7deg 3x16.5dBi / 3x2port Var (0 to 10) D200x1,350 20kg

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