Pacific Wave and Spring Technologies agreed upon MOU to provide below measurement tools : (especially for Indonesia Market)

  1. Microwave Synthesizers
  2. Power Measurement
  3. Network Analyzer

  1. Antenna and Cable testing
  2. Power Measurement
  3. Power Terminations and Loads
  4. Power Attenuation
  5. Plug-in Elements

  1. UMTS Radio Coverage Transmitter
  2. GSM900/1800/UMTS Coverage Transmitter
  3. GSM900/1800/UMTS Cell Load Simulator
  1. Bluetooth Tester
  2. DAB/DMB Tester
  3. TEM Cell – Radiation Test
  4. Shield Box  - Mobile Phone Test, W-LAN Test

  1. Fast Installation Tester
  2. Signal Generator
  3. Frequency Synthesizer
  4. Frequency Standard

Pendulum Instruments AB is one of the worlds leading companies for time & frequency calibration, measurement and analysis. The product portfolio comprises time & frequency counters, microwave counters, frequency references, frequency distribution systems and time synchronization testers for telecom and the electronic industry. The customers are found everywhere where accuracy and precision in time and frequency is required. The products are available all over the world under the brand names of Pendulum and Fluke

Precise Time and Frequency, Inc

Precise Time and Frequency provide a range of premium performance products including Active and Passive Hydrogen Masers, Rubidium Standard, Quartz Standard, GPS receivers, distribution amplifier, display, time code readers, network time servers.