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Our mission is to provide a better solution towards Telecommunication Networks by performing the following policy :

  • Providing a complete, one-stop source of products and services for wireless telecommunication system.
  • Supplying product and services to the operators, systems integrators and OEMs in South East Asia.
  • We are a company with Flexibility, Fast deliveries, and try to be the best of its class services.
To achieve this mission, we get support from our good and reliable partner/Team :
  • Our Supplier who are able to compete in terms of pricing and delivery with good technical knowledge and provide certain level of customized product as well as good technical support to assist customer in periodic maintenance and crisis.
  • Our Project Team was geared with technical knowledge to perform system integration and deliver on-time schedule.
  • Our Sales Team who understand and provide turnkey solution catered to customers’ requirements.
  • Our Technical Support Team continuously trained to provide first level support and conduct periodic maintenance check.
  • Our Contractor are geared with project experiences, full dedication and responsive.
Up to now, We have conducted several Installation & Project Management as follows :
1. Provide Design and Project Management to Motorola for M1’s Indoor Coverage in Suntec City. 1 Project Management Sep'1997 Dec'1997 Motorola for M1
2. Provide Design Assistance to Ericsson for their combiner and distributing Network for Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport. 1 Provide product design May'1998 July'1998 Ericsson
3. Telemetry Project for Fisher Mount in Zheng Zhou 1 Project Management Jan'1998 Feb'1998 Zheng Zhou Oil Co. Ltd
4. Provide Full Turn key to TIBS for their GPS System 1 System Integration Sept'1998 Oct'1998 TIBS Singapore
5. Tower Mounted Amplifier & Booster for StarHub Ltd >200 sites Full Turnkey 2001 2003 Starhub Pte Ltd
6. Tower Mounted Amplifier Installation for SingTel. >80 sites Full Turnkey 2000 2001 Singtel Pte Ltd
7. Tower Mount Amplifier/Booster for China Mobile >10 sites Full Turnkey 2002 2003 China Mobile Ltd
8. Integration of Wi-Fi Into Existing Indoor Network 21 sites Full Turnkey Nov'2004 2006 Telkomsel
9. Integration of Wi-Fi Into Existing Indoor Network 16sites Supply Material 2006 2008 Excelcomindo
10.. MCPA Booster Trial & Installation 6 sites Full Turnkey Jan'2005 May'2005 Telkomsel
11. MCPA Booster Installation 27sites Full Turnkey Sept'2004 Mar'2007 Excelcomindo
12.. Combiner Installation for BTS Expansion and BTS Upgrade 33sites Full Turnkey Feb'2008 Dec'2008 Exelcomindo

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