Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier (MCPA)

Due to rapid changes in wireless network environment, network operators are now faced with various infrastructure solutions and cost issues in upgrading wireless network.

MCPA product line (Tower-Mounted and Ground-Mounted) provides cost effective network coverage extension and capacity upgrade solution.

Apart from obvious coverage extension, sharing of existing RF cable and antenna when introducing new service channel for capacity or service upgrade is the major advantage of this system.

TM Cellular/PCS/UMTS MCPA – Advantages

  • Increase channel count per antenna while maintaining power level per channel
  • Increases coverage area for new cell designs
  • Avoid coverage reduction when increasing number of channels in existing systems
  • Tower-Mount Feature to maximize output power at the Antenna

TM Cellular/PCS/UMTS MCPA - Management

TM-MCPA can be easily monitored and controlled using built-in microprocessor.  Following extensive features are included for managing system easily.

  • User selectable downlink/uplink RF gain
  • Parameter monitoring and alarm reporting
  • Easy setup & maintenance feature
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