In some In-Building, we need to use In-Line Amplifier with below conditions:

  • Space Limitation inside Cable shaft/Riser.
  • In-Line Amplifier is solution for cost efficiency by using small size of Feeder Cable
  • Insufficient RF Link Budget for huge or high rise building application; especially high loss from Multi-Operator Combiner.
  • To save Number of BTS especially at certain site with low Cellular Traffic.

Our In-Line Amplifier (LA & MIA series) offers few flexibilities and advantages:

  • Wide-Band Frequency which cover CDMA800, GSM1800, CDMA1900 & UMTS2100.
  • By pass feature with Insertion Loss <3dB in case of Electrical & Amplifier Failure.
  • OMT Setting & Alarm Monitoring System : Local (via RS232) & Remote (via sms).
  • High Output Power upto +37dBm for Downlink and 0dBm for Uplink.
  • Gain Adjustment Range of 31dB with 1dB/step.
  • Seperated Electrical Power Switch to ease control each amplifier from each band.
  • Seperated setting for Up-Link and Down-Link as Manual Gain Control.


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