Filter are commonly used to reduce or avoid any interference from one system with other system due to its ability to provide rejection/isolation 60-80dB, This Filter can be Full Duplex/Simplex, IP-54 for Outdoor Environment, wall mounted or 19" Rack Mounted depends on customer requirement. We have designed several type of filter as follows :

  • PW-DF-825-20/870-20      : Common Duplexer for CDMA-800Mhz to split UpLink & DownLink.
  • PW-DF-1710-75/1805-75 : Common Duplexer for DCS-1800Mhz to split UpLink & DownLink.
  • PW-DF-1775-10/1870-10 : Duplexer to Split UpLink & DownLink for DCS-1800Mhz (HCPT only)
  • PW-DF-1920-60/2110-60 : Common Duplexer for UMTS-2100Mhz to split UpLink & DownLink.
  • PW-DF-1920-10/2110-10 : Duplexer to Split UpLink & DownLink for UMTS-2100Mhz (HCPT only)
  • PW-MOD-4-4 Series          : Multi Operator Duplexer to split UpLink & DownLink from 4operators

  • PW-RF-02020402               : Reject Filter towards CDMA 800Mhz at GSM900 Frequency.
  • PW-RF-02020401               : Receiver Bloking towards GSM 900Mhz at CDMA800 BTS
  • PW-RF-907.5-7.5/915-7.5 : Filter to block CDMA800 Signal at GSM900 BTS
  • PW-RF-830-5/870-5           : Filter which only allow CDMA800 StarOne Frequency.
  • PW-RF-450                          : Filter which only allow Uplink Signal of CDMA450 Sampoerna Frequency.

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